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Games don’t hit the same anymore?

If this was 3 years ago, I would’ve laughed reading the title and probably advised you to “play better games then”. But now I know what that feeling is like. It’s really hard to explain, mostly because I can’t accept that it’s happening to me too. Every time I browse through Steam, looking for a game that could be THE game for me, I either end up buying something that I probably won’t play or a massive AAA title that requires one’s time and patience, both of which I lack heavily.

It’s pretty demoralising when you realise that something which should make you feel happy, makes you underwhelmed and want for something better. I wouldn’t call it “regret”, but rather a deep thought about whether playing the game was worth spending X amount of time in. Speaking of time, which is something that I always long for, it’s hard to schedule a game that is neither too taxing nor too short. By schedule, I mean 2 hours of gaming time every day. Because many open-world games are around 40-50 hours long (just for completing the main story), that means a month went by playing a single game. Well, that’s not very “gamer” of me to do, is it? Add my favourite Rocket League to the equation and I end up leaving the only game I once wanted to play, altogether.

Part of me says that I’ve just grown up and moved on from seeking happiness while sitting in front of my computer, on the other hand, I just don’t like most of the newer released games. Dying Light Stay Human was the last I enjoyed while finding my grove in Spiderman – Remastered. So other than only a handful of games, 2022 for me has been quite the silent one. Unless… an absolute banger gets released, in which case writing a new piece of the blog would be quite the work.

And of course, the good old days of hopping onto some CSGO with the boys after school could never be topped, but I still have a few comfort games that give me a much-needed boost for the day like Fall Guys, Dying Light, Yakuza, etc. Maybe someday, the recent releases would show up on this list, but until then, my search for the best games shall resume.

Better days are yet to come

Remember that slightly depressing moment when you see an in-game friend of yours “Last Online 2 Years ago”? It takes you back to the bright bits of your life, back when playing games was just an excuse to spend some fun time with your friends or strangers who happened to strike a chord with you in the right way. The nostalgia hits hard, it does. But hey, don’t be discouraged, sure they don’t play with you anymore but remember that at some point everyone solo queues for an online game and that is exactly how you meet other gamers with a similar mindset. Speaking from experience, some of my best gaming moments took place with people I don’t even know in real life. THAT is the fun in gaming. It doesn’t matter how much the drive to pick up your controller falls, all it takes is one tiny spark to reignite the good times.

Just as proof that I’m not alone in this battle of the mind, here’s a comment I saw on YouTube that resonates with the premise of this post

Calzone with some “freshly baked” wisdom

With that being said, if you wish to have a gaming buddy as well, I’m open to party up anytime. Feel free to add me on Steam or send a hi on Discordst0rm#1278



2 thoughts on “Games don’t hit the same anymore?

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  1. I think I get this feeling. I’ve fallen off a lot on games recently just because I don’t have the time. My work schedule is insane and exhausting, which also doesn’t make for a desire to get too invested in a game.

    I’ve found a lot of value in some shorter indie games, however. Those can be a good time and a fresh experience if you’re up for them. It has been a long time since I’ve played anything multiplayer, anyway.

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    1. I can relate to the time restraint as well. Every time I work and study thinking my night would be completely free for gaming, I end up feeling so tired that I just go and hit the bed.

      And, that’s a good shoutout. I think Stray was the last indie game I played and it was quite fun! It brought back some fond memories of actually finishing a game for once 😅

      Liked by 1 person

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